The revolving house “DrehHaus” created a new generation of living. It provides everything you would expect from a living or work place and blends in harmoniously with ecology and economy.

“DrehHaus”—the intelligent active house.

An idea becomes reality

Back in 1997 we demonstrated that our rotating house idea could be built, with the construction of the first revolving house generation and, today, we are proud to say that it’s still working, even after many years of use. Even the first generation met the low energy standard and we now build passive houses (energy gain = energy use) or even active houses (energy gain > energy use).

The design

The principle is that the house can rotate, allowing active energy gain to be maximised through the solar radiation into windows and solar systems. The building was clearly designed according to the “form follows function” principle. In the architectonic design, we were able to take a reading of the construction’s supporting structure over the roof and optimise the geometric constraints to minimise heat losses through the outer shell (cylinder + ball = the smallest possible object surface in relation to capacity).


You can choose to rotate the house using a time-synchronised electric motor or manual motor operation. The drive wheel is also connected to an exercise bike so the house can be rotated with muscle power alone. Residents and visitors really enjoy being able to rotate their own house!

A wooden house

Naturally, the house was made wood—a wonderful, sustainable building material. This allowed us to achieve a healthy living environment and help to improve our planet’s CO² balance.

The residents

What does living in a rotating building feel like?

It’s my home; a place where everything feels right. Once you’ve lived in a house like this, you’ll never want to live anywhere else.”

There’s a “certain something” about their home that you can see delights residents.

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Sitting room