Revolving house Kylie

Efficiency meets modernity

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Current project

The views from the outside are an experience in every position of the house – and vice versa from every position inside the house.

This revolving house consists of two floors with an open living area as well as a crawl basement with steel girder construction – here we break new ground in the load transfer of the revolving house. By transferring the load from the living area on the first floor via a V-shaped support, we achieve an unobstructed view to the outside, free-floating and rotating above the ground.
This view is supported by frameless glazing of all windows. Only the curved panorama window on the upper floor has a frame – this gives a special view through this window with the effect of a moving picture.
Natural light through the roof is realised via three skylights.

The DrehHaus gets its special character from the boomerang-like architecture on the upper floor. This boomerang begins on one side with a balcony and ends on the opposite side with a panorama window of the sauna. Hence the name, which was inspired by the traditional Australian boomerang (“Kylie”).
The boomerang also serves as a roof for the access path to the house and extends the floor plan of the upper floor. The ground floor retains its circular shape, as it has the largest floor area with the smallest shell area.


Construction stages

Some impressions during the construction phases of the outdoor area:

The details in the interior can now also be seen:

Steel parapet on the upper floor:

Panoramic window with a passing landscape:

Year of construction


Three-dimensional view of the CAD model