1. Imagine a world where our houses produce energy, instead of wasting it.
  2. Imagine that your house pays you extra, instead of costing you extra.
  3. Imagine 100 % renewable energy being possible.
  4. Imagine being a part of that change yourself.

Welcome to the visionaries’ club!

Revolving house “DrehHaus”—
the intelligent active house

We plan, design and construct rotating houses that are tailored to your needs and requirements. Whether your dream home is round or angular, big or small, one or more storeys, classic or striking … we can make your dreams come true.

The revolving house is flexible—you can turn it to get a good view or to escape the wind and rain.

From idea to vision

Bionic is the magic word behind the revolving house “DrehHaus” design. We’ve learnt from nature and copy the sunflowers (tournesol in French), who always face the sun.
The more people build active houses instead of conventional buildings, the better our planet’s eco balance will be. Make your dream home a reality with revolving house “DrehHaus”. Revolving house? Who’s got one?

We want you to be happy in your home. Enjoy light, sunny rooms all day long in the revolving house. Sit back and relax in the knowledge that, with the revolving house “DrehHaus”, you’re making a valuable contribution to the ecological future of our planet. You aren’t wasting any valuable raw materials, but using the resources that our environment generously provides.

Revolving house “DrehHaus”—Made in Germany.

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